# Welcome to HTFY

## About Us

HTFY application is a ready-made web application to start a Static HTML website, which you can install on your server and generate static HTML pages. (Best Application to Start Static Website HTFY provides many services including fast HTML static website page creation along with web page SEO and multiple edit options.)

 HTFY Application Features

HTFY Web Application includes New Article, Edit, Edit Code, Website Status, Generate Page, Category Add System, Delete Article, Media Sytem, SEO Setep, Setting, Ads Setup System, Securty system, Author Page Generate, System Files edit System, New Text editor, etc.

## Our Story

In the growing digital era, everyone likes to get fast information. In such a situation, if a website works slowly then there are chances of its user experience being bad. We saw that the demand of many people was increasing that such a system should be prepared. So that we can load a fast page and create web pages without any error and can create blog websites and news websites. Keeping this in view, HTFY Web has launched HTFY Application which generates HTML pages just like CMS and according to the author, 100 % Static website can be started with SEO

 When did HTFY Web start?

The work of making HTFY Web application was started from August 2022, which was ready in May 2023, after which it was released on trial where it was tested in many ways in which it will prove to be a big success in future for those people who are interested in Static Would be interested in starting a websiteThe launch date of HTFY Web Application is 1 January 2024, on this day it has been made public.

HTFY Team #

HTFY Web Team is a strong team of many experienced developers who work day and night to make HTFY more simple and better. In this, web developers, language experienced and SEO experienced members work with us.

NameHTFY web
Launch Date
1 January 2024