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To grow your website, there is HTFY Super Static Html Website Pages Generator in which you get many options to create a static website without database like CMS, Html Article publish, Edit, SEO Setting, Fast Setup, No error, Professional Dashboard, Open your website faster with HTFY which measures 100% SEO of your website and publishes your articles.

HTFY Static

Price - $25/-

You will get only article and video for setup guide.

Version - Latest Version
Feature - All
Support - No
Setup Support - No


Price - $149/-

Full Support 1 Month And Lifetime Free.

Version - Latest Version
Feature - All
Support - 1 Month
Setup Support - Yes


Price - $500 Minimum /-

Service - All web dovlapment

New Web Application
Creating applications as per your needs
Adding other options to the application
Development related work
Server related work
Website related
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Service HTFY

Applications WebsiteLanguage
Web Application 
New websitePHP
New ProjectDevelopment sitePython
Update ProjectServer setupJavascript
Project IdeaSite DesignCSS
AI ProjectError FixHTML 
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Grow your website with HTFY

Start now with HTFY Web to publish HTML static website easily and grow your website with 100% website speed with 99.9% SEO settings.


What is HTFY?

HTFY (High Tech Fusion Yard) which provides services related to web application development with maximum knowledge in terms of web development.

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HTFY Web - Static HTML Website Generator is an application which can start your HTML website with many options. You can easily start working on HTML website by installing this application on any server. In this you will get all the options with which you can publish blog posts, HTML articles with 99.9% SEO to start a blog website, news website.

HTFY Web Dashboard Face

HTFY Dashboard Face

HTFY Dashboard Face - HTFY Dashboard light dashboard which is designed to generate static pages in a fast manner, through which you can get complete control of the static website, in which all the options are available from publishing HTML article to analyzing the site.

  • Dashboard
  • Status
  • New Post
  • Edite Post
  • edit </>
  • Pages
  • Category
  • Autor
  • Media
  • Update
  • SEO
  • Setting
  • Theme Editor
  • ADS Setup
  • Security
  • Backup
  • Log out
HTFY Web Dashboard Face

HTFY Team Work

HTFY team is able to complete the work ahead of schedule. HTFY web team is continuously working to improve HTFY and provides updates with new features of HTFY from time to time.

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